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this is still my absolute favorite thing on this entire website

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So I’m not the only one doing this
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“Fat acceptance” blogs urging overweight people to shed negative feelings about their body image can lead to healthier diet and exercise choices, a study has found.

The fat acceptance movement, which seeks to foster a support network among overweight people, has inspired a plethora of blogs and web forums such as CorpulentFat Heffalump and The Rotund — an online community that’s become known as the “fatosphere”.

In a study published in the journal Qualitative Health Research, researchers from Monash University, the University of New England and the University of Canberra interviewed 44 fatosphere bloggers from Australia, the US and the UK about how their involvement in the movement had changed them.

“There’s been a lot of criticism of the movement that it promotes obesity and encourages people to give up on weight loss and makes their health worse,” said one of the researchers, Dr Samantha Thomas, a Senior Research Fellow at Monash University’s Department of Marketing.

“We saw there was a lot of opinion about the movement but very few people had actually studied it.”

Interviews with the respondents revealed many had experienced feelings of worthlessness, shame, crash diets, cycles of starvation and binge eating and laxative abuse before discovering the fatosphere.

“Having that support and feeling empowered, people slowly found that their health behaviours began to change dramatically. For example, many people suddenly felt confident to do swimming, something they would not have done before,” she said.

“People shifted their focus away from weight loss and more toward health. A lot of people started to take part in physical activity not as a way to lose weight but because they enjoyed it. Instead of pounding it out on the treadmill they start playing with their kids. It’s actually a massive shift in the way they looked at things.”

Shifting the focus away from restricting food and toward listening to the body’s needs could also lead to better food choices, said Dr Thomas.

“There are actually a lot of lessons for public health here,” she said.

“The term fat acceptance is really confronting for people. That’s why we have seen a lot of blame and criticism. Society tells us it’s not OK to be fat for a whole bunch of moral and medical reasons,” she said.

“This study shows that far from promoting obesity and promoting negative health behaviours, the movement is really positive for some people’s health.”

So basically, if fat-bashers actually cared about people’s health (as they so often claim to as an excuse for their intolerance and hatred) then they’d actually support fat acceptance instead of trying to tear body-positive folks down?

Surprise! When you’re not made to feel miserable about yourself, you become more motivated to take care of the self that you have. Who knew?

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So many pig?
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Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in 1989 - and who was furious he wasn’t consulted about the creepy role - offered a cryptic comment when told Ledger was dead. 
“Well,” Nicholson told reporters in London early Wednesday, “I warned him.”

That last quote gave me chills

Really? Interesting if true

I read something that said he told him not to do it. Joker is one of, if not the, most sadistic villains. He kills to kill. There’s no method. Which is why all of the previous portrails were campy or jokey.

There is no way you can portray a character like that and not bring home even the smallest bits of it.  It’s kind of sad. The Joker was scary as shit, and I honestly believe that getting into that character messed with his head.

It would be really interesting to see the notebook Ledger kept while working up the character, maybe it did mess with his head.. and that quote is something to think about, if true. 

Heath Ledger was hugely affected by this role. Nicholson did warn him against it. To prepare, Ledger spent vast amount of time alone and kept a production diary as mentioned above. The last thing he wrote in his diary was BYE BYE. Ledger talked about his inability to fall asleep and how even with two ambien he barely slept at night. As is widely known, Ledger died of an overdose. Some say it was accidental while others believe he was a partier… The drugs he died of were meant for insonima, anxiety, pain, and a cold and none were taken in excess. Heath was a troubled man after his role as the joker, but no one can deny he played that role better than anyone ever had or ever will. The sadness of the situation aside, this is an amazing photo of the jokers.
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Alright guys listen up!



The Newton County animal shelter in Indiana is going to be shut down.

Why is this such a big deal? Because It’s a no kill shelter.

Newton County does not want to fund a no kill shelter anymore.

The dogs in there have until August 1st, until they are killed.

So people need to adopt them,

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