lindsay, twenty-one years old, indiana university.
feminist & body positive.
i post nsfw content but always tag it.



☆ you’re a cutie ☆

What a magnificent bunny
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I hate the feeling when I’m really close to someone but I don’t know literally everything about their life. and I think that’s just something I need to learn to accept. there are parts of lives that people don’t really share, and I mean that’s okay, I’m the same way. I don’t know why I feel so weird and uneasy about it though. its really not my place and tbh I did it to myself.

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I’ve never heard a man say:
“Not all women are like that.” or
“But my mother is not like that!!” not even “My girlfriend is not like that.”
“My wife is not like that.”
“My sister is not like that.”
“Please stop generalising women.”
Haha. Won’t happen.



I want to do adult things with you

*whispers* taxes

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Lazy record store employee
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